internal X-Accel-Redirect for PUT

Jakub Moscicki Jakub.Moscicki at
Wed Jan 11 15:03:34 UTC 2017


Was there a change of behaviour as per how PUT requests are redirected via X-Accel-Redirect between 1.6.2 and 1.10.2 versions?

In nginx 1.6.2 the PUT request from the client is internally redirected as PUT via X-Accel-Redirect. In 1.10.2 it is redirected as GET. So the method name is changes when the redirect happens.

The redirect is between two upstream servers (and not the client) via an internal location.

Is there a way to achieve 1.6.2 behaviour?

Here is the diagram to clarify what happens:

[cid:B0590114-1D8A-4D13-998D-7AB0FBE2FA63 at]

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