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I'm a sysadmin at a large organization, where we use a lot of drupal on nginx (hundreds of sites).

Recently, we encountered two bugs related to drupal 8 vs nginx config. I reached out to some friends of mine who are drupal core developers, and essentially it boils down to this: They don't have an official nginx config, so they don't test drupal releases on nginx except manually, only in response to bug reports. So nginx-related bugs tend to get released to the public, and they tend to take a long time before they're resolved. This is a major problem for anybody running drupal on nginx, because any drupal security updates that come out can't be applied as long as some other drupal-nginx bug is show-stopping. Case in point: The incident that recently forced me into all this was when one of our site maintainers tried to update drupal core 8.2.7 to 8.3.5 in order to get security fixes released in 8.3.4, but after the update, the site ended up completely broken. The root cause of that one is related to nginx config - and that issue is solved by updating to the latest nginx drupal 8 recipe ( Unfortunately, the new recipe causes Responsive Images to break, so we still can't publish the updated website to production.

So now I'm reaching out to all you lovely nginx developers to find out if there's any chance of improving this. It would mean some of you (probably whoever wrote the drupal 8 nginx recipe) working with drupal developers probably on an ongoing basis, to create and maintain an official nginx config that they test on.

The conversation I had with drupal developers is here:

And the related drupal bug report for my particular issue is here:

Important points:

  *   Some drupal updates between 8.2.7 and 8.3.5 require the nginx recipe to be updated from the old drupal7 nginx recipe to the new drupal8 nginx recipe. Or else the site is completely nonfunctional.
  *   Unfortunately, something in the new drupal8 nginx recipe causes Responsive Images to break, which is also show-stopping.
  *   Either way, drupal 8.3.5 doesn't work on nginx.
  *   In order for them to test drupal releases on nginx, they need help setting up the official nginx config, and docker environment.
  *   If this doesn't happen, it's likely to force a lot of people, like us, into using apache (which we don't want).

Thanks for your feedback...
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