[nginx] support request id in error log

洪志道 hongzhidao at gmail.com
Wed Jun 28 09:25:13 UTC 2017


Does nginx plan support request id in error log?

In the real case, it's really helpful to position question by the unique id
of request.
And it will become better if support in error log also.

For example showed in our error log:

2017/06/26 23:56:09 [info] 52590#52590: *1 client prematurely closed
connection (104: Connection reset by peer) while sendin
g response to client, client:, server: test.com, request: "GET
http://test.com/test.gz HTTP/1.1", *request_id: "ca8cef60e275*
*06d52a9933700682f0e6"*, host: "test.com"

We support it by writing customer module.
Maybe it's more reasonable in official code.

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