[nginx] Introduced worker_shutdown_timeout.

洪志道 hongzhidao at gmail.com
Thu Mar 9 12:52:07 UTC 2017

I get it.

Yep, we can do the cleanup work  in exit process or pool cleanup when
expired time happened.

I keep my opinion that it's useful and helpful if we set
= 0.*

First of all, we can set timeout zero if need to exit immediately.
The key point is whether we need to invoke event handler
like ngx_http_log_flush_handler.
And I think it's more convenient to do the consequent things,
we still have the event information in event handler, but not sure in exit
process phase.

By the way, is it a problem if I try to set *ngx_shutdown_event.cancelable
= 0.*

Thanks again.

2017-03-09 20:29 GMT+08:00 Maxim Dounin <mdounin at mdounin.ru>:

> Hello!
> On Thu, Mar 09, 2017 at 02:39:26PM +0800, 洪志道 wrote:
> [...]
> > "Cancelable timers are now preserved if there are other timers. There is
> no
> > need to cancel timers early if there are other timers blocking shutdown
> > anyway. Preserving such timers allows nginx to continue some periodic
> work
> > till the shutdown is actually possible. With the new approach, timers
> with
> > ev->cancelable are simply ignored when checking if there are any timers
> > left during shutdown."
> >
> > But how to do the timers those are cancelable such as buffer-event in log
> > module.
> > When the worker process is shutting down, they lose the chance to do
> > registered handler.
> > Even so the log module also works well because of 'ngx_conf_flush_files'.
> Cancelable timers are expected to do it's work normally until the
> actual shutdown is possible, but will not delay shutdown.
> You can't relay on them to do any cleanup work though, as they
> will not be called in many cases.  For example, much like any
> other timers they will not be called on fast shutdown (aka
> ngx_terminate).  To do a cleanup work you should use cleanup
> handlers and/or exit_process callbacks.
> In particular, the log module uses cancelable timers to do
> periodic flushes while the process is still running.  The final
> flush will be done on the process exit in the
> ngx_conf_flush_files() exit_process callback.
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