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Eran Kornblau eran.kornblau at
Sun Mar 12 11:21:02 UTC 2017

Hi all,

In one of our deployments, we need to set up an nginx server behind a forward proxy.
We need to have nginx issue the upstream requests using absolute URLs, e.g.:
GET http://domain/uri HTTP/1.1

We tried to use a configuration that looks like:
location ~ ^/proxy/(.*) {
        proxy_pass $scheme://proxy-ip:proxy-port/$scheme://$1$is_args$args;

But the problem is that there's no way to prevent the upstream request uri from starting with /
(we get /http://domain/uri instead of http://domain/uri)

I would like to submit a patch to support this flow, two options I can think of:

1.       Add a new parameter proxy_uri that will accept nginx variables, and will take priority
over the existing logic for determining the uri

2.       Add a dedicated flag for stripping the /, e.g. proxy_strip_uri_slash on/off

Pros/cons as I see it - #1 seems quite flexible and may enable additional use cases that I can't
think of right now. The cons of #1 is that there is some duplication between this directive and
proxy_pass (it enables the user to set both, but only one will apply)

Please let me whether this change makes sense, and which option you think is better

Thank you!


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