Adding OpenSSL ciphersuites at compile time

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Awesome, that¹s exactly what I am looking for, thanks Maxim - much

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>On Thu, Apr 05, 2018 at 06:39:45PM +0000, Neil Craig wrote:
>> Hi Thomas
>> Thanks for your reply. What you outline is essentially what I
>> want to do ­ I am statically compiling nginx against a specific
>> openssl version and I want to be able to re-enable 3DES
>> ciphersuites which are disabled in openssl 1.1.0+ (we have some
>> audience demographics in e.g. Rural India and North Africa, a
>> reasonable proportion of whom use very old mobile handsets).
>> SoŠwhat I would like to be able to do is to add something to my
>> configure for nginx which would trigger the same behaviour as if
>> I were adding ³enable-<ciphersuite>² when configuring openssl.
>> Hopefully that makes a bit more sense now :-).
>You can specify additional OpenSSL config options using
>the --with-openssl-opt configure option.
>$ ./configure --help | grep openssl
>  --with-openssl=DIR                 set path to OpenSSL library sources
>  --with-openssl-opt=OPTIONS         set additional build options for
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