[nginx] SSL: fixed build with LibreSSL 2.8.0 (ticket #1605).

Maxim Dounin mdounin at mdounin.ru
Fri Aug 10 18:53:14 UTC 2018

details:   http://hg.nginx.org/nginx/rev/cab37803ebb3
changeset: 7337:cab37803ebb3
user:      Maxim Dounin <mdounin at mdounin.ru>
date:      Fri Aug 10 20:49:06 2018 +0300
SSL: fixed build with LibreSSL 2.8.0 (ticket #1605).

LibreSSL 2.8.0 "added const annotations to many existing APIs from OpenSSL,
making interoperability easier for downstream applications".  This includes
the const change in the SSL_CTX_sess_set_get_cb() callback function (see
9dd43f4ef67e), which breaks compilation.

To fix this, added a condition on how we redefine OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER
when working with LibreSSL (see 382fc7069e3a).  With LibreSSL 2.8.0,
we now set OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER to 0x1010000fL (OpenSSL 1.1.0), so the
appropriate conditions in the code will use "const" as it happens with
OpenSSL 1.1.0 and later versions.


 src/event/ngx_event_openssl.h |  4 ++++
 1 files changed, 4 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

diffs (16 lines):

diff --git a/src/event/ngx_event_openssl.h b/src/event/ngx_event_openssl.h
--- a/src/event/ngx_event_openssl.h
+++ b/src/event/ngx_event_openssl.h
@@ -36,8 +36,12 @@
+#if (LIBRESSL_VERSION_NUMBER >= 0x2080000fL)
+#define OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER  0x1010000fL
 #define OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER  0x1000107fL
 #if (OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER >= 0x10100001L)

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