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桐山 健太郎 kiriyama.kentaro at tis.co.jp
Thu Jul 19 08:24:55 UTC 2018


I have installed the nginx by making yum repository to the RHEL 7.4 server on EC2(AWS) and the architecture is like below.

CloudFront-->WAF-->ELB(ALB)-->EC2 Nginx server(as a Reverse proxy)-->ELB(ALB)-->goes to 2 different backend web server A and B.

Also, I have configured the conf files as two conf. file other than nginx.conf.
The above two conf. file is named RP.conf and ALBHealthcheck.conf and placed those under /etc/nginx/ directory, so that nginx conf. could load those two conf. files. (include /etc/nginx/conf.d/*.conf)

As for the ELB health check I would like to use the empty gif, however I couldn’t find the default module ‘ngx_http_empty_gif_module” is
on the system.
I have checked the “/usr/lib64/nginx/modules/”, but shows there is nothing in it.

1.     Do I have to configure the module one by one? Or nginx has the default module?

2.     How can I define the list of module for nginx? What command can list all the module with nginx?

My goal is to succeed the health check for ELB with an path of “/healthcheck.html”

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