Bring SPDY back in nginx-1.14.0

Maxim Dounin mdounin at
Mon Oct 1 12:32:54 UTC 2018


On Sat, Sep 29, 2018 at 08:29:56AM +0700, Dewangga Alam wrote:

> Currently, I am using nginx-1.8.1 in production. And I need SPDY to
> works on nginx-1.14.0 co-exists with http/2. Because I still need SPDY
> for compatibility, and for future deployment, I will migrate it all to
> HTTP/2.
> To make this possible, so I was create patch to make SPDY and HTTP/2 run
> together.
> I was read cloudflare patch regarding this issue (spdy & http/2) and
> make some adjustment (patch attached).
> But, got some errors when compiling. The error message was :


Just to make sure you understand it:

As per - SPDY is only supported 
by about 20% of browsers in use, and most of these browsers 
already support HTTP/2.  Most modern browsers do not have SPDY 

In contrast, HTTP/2 is supported by more than 80% of browsers in 
use.  And most modern browsers which do not support HTTP/2 - do not 
support SPDY either.

Moreover, SPDY code you are trying to bring back is not maintained 
for a long time now, since it was replaced by HTTP/2 in nginx 
1.9.5.  And there are various known problems fixed in the HTTP/2 
code since then, so likely there are similar problems in the SPDY 

Summing the above, trying to bring back SPDY support is mostly 
meaningless and might be dangerous.  It might be a better idea to 
focus on migrating to HTTP/2 instead.

Maxim Dounin

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