[PATCH] Allow using nodelay=N semantics in limit_req configuration

Щучкин Петр peters at yandex.ru
Sun Oct 28 15:13:18 UTC 2018


Sorry, I've duplicated this message.

Additionally I've tried to send with hg email changes to nginx-test in the same thread, but I'm not sure I've succeed and instead new thread was created with changes in tests project.

Please review this changes, I hope this may be really useful for some real world use cases.

I'm using nodelay_val = -1 when parsing config to allow nodelay=0 and thus to be able to distinguish between value not set and value set to 0.

Also there is casting of excess variable to (ngx_uint_t) in several because I've seen such example in the same file when comparing burst to excess.

Thank you!

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