[PATCH] ngx_conf_file: "include ./" acts relative to currently parsed file

Guillaume Outters guillaume-nginx at outters.eu
Fri Aug 30 14:28:00 UTC 2019

Le 2019-08-30 16:02, Maxim Dounin a écrit :

> Changing this to resolve relative paths from the current included
> file instead is possible, but would be a major change - I suspect
> it will break a lot of configurations.  Not sure we are going to
> do this.
> On Thu, Aug 29, 2019 at 08:04:41AM +0200, Guillaume Outters wrote:
>> The following patch adds a simple heuristic to include: if the
>> includee starts with "./", it is considered relative to the
>> current file. If not, the current heuristic applies […]
> Certainly I'm against this approach, as it breaks POLA.  The
> "include ./example.conf;" construct shouldn't be handled
> differently from "include example.conf", these are clearly the
> same thing.

Hmm, you're right. Perhaps an unused diacritical would be better there, 
   include @example.conf;
or an explicit flag:
   include example.conf local;
   include example.conf -l; # Hmm, maybe too Apache-styled?
   include example.conf relative;
   include example.conf from_there;
This would be even better than the diacritical: prevents crash of 
existing configurations who use strangely- at -prefixed names, more 
explicit, and more respectful of nginx' config principles (optional 
flags go at the end).
On the other hand, this is longer to type, would make config reading 
more prone to missing the keyword (from my point of view, as I tend to 
read left-to-right and lazily stop when I have gathered what I was 
looking for) and… looks more complex to implement (this patch was my 
first peak ever at nginx' source).
But even to me, the "pros" seems to overthrow the "cons".

I would be glad to know what you think of this last solution (and which 
keyword you would choose then).


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