Add ".apk" file extension in "mime.types" file

Fabio Ancona fabio.ancona at
Fri Feb 22 14:31:05 UTC 2019

Hi Konstantin.
About "client software" I'm referring to browser, Chrome and Internet
Explorer in this case.
I suggested to add "apk" to the nginx's mime type file only because,
without any customization / specification in nginx, the apk file are shown
as "text/plain" (like a webpage) in the browser (both Chrome and Internet
Yes, if I add "default_type application/octet-stream" for apk of course I'm
able to downlaod it as file.
"application/" seems to be the "most appropriate
and the official one" mime type for .apk files and if I add
"application/" to nginx's mime type file both
Chrome and Internet Explorer are able to "recognize" it as file to download
and not to show like a HTML page in the browser.

Anyway you are free to choose what to do.
Thank you.

Fabio Ancona

Il giorno mar 5 feb 2019 alle ore 16:52 Konstantin Pavlov <thresh at>
ha scritto:

> Hi Fabio,
> 05.02.2019 16:02, Fabio Ancona wrote:
> > Hi all.
> > As reported here "" the ".apk"
> > file extension is not managed by nginx.
> > Please add "application/          apk;" to
> > the "mime.types" file.
> >
> > I have tested it on my nginx/1.15.8 and .apk files are correctly
> > downloaded. Before, without "apk" in mime.types, nginx sent .apk as
> "text".
> > Thank you.
> > Best Regards.
> Wouldnt a simple "default_type application/octet-stream" be enough,
> which is a default for most nginx packages ?  I've been personally
> running it for years on and never
> received a single complaint from the testers.
> Overall the consensus seems to be that the content type must be widely
> used on the internet to justify its addition.  It's hard to judge the
> popularity for a delivery method predominatly used for closed-garden
> software shops, but what is the software of question that expects such a
> mime type?
> Thank you,
> --
> Konstantin Pavlov
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