[PATCH] Enable SSL_OP_PRIORITIZE_CHACHA for server-side SSL contexts

Pascal Ernster nginx-devel at hardfalcon.net
Sat May 4 01:18:12 UTC 2019

Hi Maxim,

[2019-05-04 02:37] Maxim Dounin:
> Thank you for the patch.
> See comments here:
> https://trac.nginx.org/nginx/ticket/1445

In the first comment on that ticket, you write

> At most, we can consider a generic interface to set various OpenSSL options.

Would there be a realistic chance of you accepting a patch that simply
exposes OpenSSL's SSL_CONF_cmd() through the nginx config file(s)?

It would of course do the obvious basic checks using
SSL_CONF_cmd_value_type() like
"Does the requested option exist in OpenSSL?",
"If a file/directory was specified, does it exist and is it readable?",
"If a relative file/directory was specified, prepend the nginx
configuration directory path to the string.",
and would of course check the return value of SSL_CONF_cmd() itself, but
it would *not* try to do anything further like "Prevent the user from
overriding settings made through other nginx configuration directives".

Since I'm not too experienced in writing C code, it would be quite a bit
of work for me, so I'd like to know beforehand if it would be worth the
effort at all, or if you'd reject the patch anyhow.


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