changeset 7591

Roberto Soto webmaster at
Fri Nov 8 23:34:04 UTC 2019

Greetings, I have a question regarding the release life-cycle.

For a specific use-case (which can be expanded on later), I'm relying on
variable $proxy_protocol_server_addr, that was just introduced recently
in changeset 7591.

I see version was bumped to 1.17.6, but there is no tag in mercurial for
that yet, so I supposed it hasn't been released?

The question is rather simple: can I expect this version to be available

Otherwise I suppose one can always compile it from source into a new
docker image.

Reading the official Dockerfile, I guess compiling would be easier if
the tag existed already, and even might need that a debian package was
available for 1.17.6 version too, isn't it?


Why do I need this variable? Explanation below:

I use Nginx as a reverse proxy in a docker network. In this case, I'm
experiencing with proxying radio streaming.

I've found it is easy to do with the stream module. However, with it, I
can not longer load balance based on the Host header.

(Because stream assumes it is plain TCP, so server_name directive is not
available. However, the stream in matter of fact is HTTP and does carry
the header when reaching for the proxy)

So instead the solution would be to use proxy_protocol, combining this
variable with the map module, so that the upstream can be decided based
on the requested host.

So if the $proxy_protocol_server_addr doesn't actually do that, please
let me know XD

Thank you in advance


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