ESNI support

Neil Craig Neil.Craig at
Tue Oct 1 13:27:39 UTC 2019

Thanks for confirming, that’s what I was expecting but wanted to confirm
as we have some teams who are keen to use ESNI.


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>On Tue, Oct 01, 2019 at 10:43:38AM +0000, Neil Craig wrote:
>> Do the NGINX team currently know if it's likely that NGINX will support
>>ESNI once e.g. OpenSSL supports it and if so, whether it'll need any
>>work on the NGINX side?
>Yes, we do plan to support ESNI once an API is available in
>OpenSSL (and/or LibreSSL / BoringSSL).  Certainly this will need
>at least some work at nginx side to configure keys.
>Maxim Dounin
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