[PATCH] ngx_conf_file: "include ./" acts relative to currently parsed file

Guillaume Outters guillaume-nginx at outters.eu
Mon Sep 9 16:14:47 UTC 2019

Maxim Dounin a écrit:

> There were no way to use variables in ssl_certificate till nginx
> 1.15.9 released this year.  There are no variables support in the
> ssl_stapling_file directive and various other directives, such as
> ssl_client_certificate, ssl_ecdh_param, and so on.  Yet all these
> directives currently use consistent path resolution - from
> configuration prefix.  And preserving this consistency is
> important.  That's why don't like the idea to introduce yet
> another incompatible machanism to resolve file names.

Thank you Maxim for your return on that; in parallel, I arrived to the 
same conclusion while reviewing a file mixing includes and 
ssl_certificates: mixing "short" nearby syntax (from my patch), and long 
syntax for non-nearby directives, immediately looked incoherent.

I'll try to experiment with other syntaxes (… and implementations, 
which may take a bit of time); I really feel the need for a simpler, 
cleaner, more readable and less error-prone, syntax for self-contained 
(app + config) web folders. Evaluation cost at config compile time could 
be neglectable, and ease deployment by removing a templating step (every 
added step being a potential source of errors).


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