Dynamic Modules - Support CXXFLAGS

Patrik Mada Patrik.Mada at firma.seznam.cz
Fri Feb 28 09:14:31 UTC 2020

Dear NGINX developers,

we are using C++ dynamic modules in our NGINX based servers, while multiple Debian distributions have to be supported.
On older Debian distributions it is impossible to use more recent C++ standard, due to build defaulting to system provided clang package.

Our developers stood before decision to either create wrappers around modern C++ libraries which would be compliant with older standards or write the entire logic using obsolete featureless language.
Neither of these approaches is sustainable in terms of developers' productivity and long term maintenance.

Would it be possible to consider a change in dynamic modules' build system, so that C++ flags may be provided?
We propose a low intrusive changes concerning 3 files. The changes are backwards compatible: if CXX is not provided by an user, the build uses CC instead (as well as CFLAGS instead of CXXFLAGS).

Would you be so kind and share your opinion on those? Please find attachment provided bellow (the patch was created using Quilt).

Best Regards,
Patrik Mada

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