Is Nginx being tested on ARM architecture ?

Konstantin Pavlov thresh at
Fri Jan 24 10:45:05 UTC 2020

Hi Martin,

Hope all is well.

23.01.2020 23:26, Martin Grigorov wrote:
> Hello Nginx developers,
> I was not able to find any information what continous integration (CI)
> Nginx project is using.
> I'd like to ask whether you run a CI server/agent on ARM 32/64
> architecture ?

Indeed there is no public information on our CI system, and the page you
linked rather specifies that we were able to build and test nginx under
those targets.

Nevertheless, ARM64/aarch64 is indeed a part of our CI, and every
nginx/njs/unit revision is built and tested the same way as other
supported architectures.  Among CI builds, we provide aarch64/ARM64
packages for select linux distributions: .

We don't have a CI target for a 32bit arm since its marketshare on
server side is pretty much zero and for any real usage 64bit machines
are the way to go.

> At my job we are going to use more and more ARM64 based servers and we
> would like to know whether this is a safe bet with Nginx.
> At
> <>#tested_os_and_platforms
> I see " Linux 3 — 4 / armv6l, armv7l, aarch64, ppc64le;". Does that mean
> that Linux 5.x is not supported/tested or just that this documentation
> page needs to be updated ?

At the moment we have no targets in our CI system that run aarch64 under
Linux kernel 5.x - currently tested are Ubuntu 16.04 (Linux 4.15),
Ubuntu 18.04 (also Linux 4.15) and Amazon Linux 2 (Linux 4.14).  It
seems Ubuntu 20.04 will be released with 5.3.0 this April, so when we
have it in our CI it'll be mentioned on the page as well.

To sum it up, aarch64 is a good choice wrt nginx usage these days, and
it's safe to assume it's not going anywhere.

Have a good one,

Konstantin Pavlov

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