nginx-quic & reload

Jan Prachař jan.prachar at
Fri Jun 12 09:41:09 UTC 2020

Hello, I checked code at the nginx-quic repo and I can't see how the
following problem is addressed.

When nginx reloads config, new workers are created and they inhertis
receiving sockets from the old workers. That means that the new workers
will start processing packets of the quic connections of the old
workers. But the new workers lack context for them, so they will ignore
the packets and quic connection will timeout, right?

A similar problem exists when a binary is changed.

Do I miss something or will it be solved in the future?

Unfortunatelly I cannot see any simple solution to this, because when a
number of sockets in reuseport changes, kernel starts routing the same
4-tuple packets to a different socket.

Best regards, Jan

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