Hardening nginx.service with systemd

Dulmandakh Sukhbaatar dulmandakh at gmail.com
Thu Mar 26 13:37:34 UTC 2020


I would like to propose to harden nginx.service with systems configurations, and this change uses PrivateDevices=yes, PrivateTmp=yes and ProtectSystem=full configs. And here are excerpts from man systemd.exec man page.

sets up a new /dev mount for the executed processes and only adds API pseudo devices such as /dev/null, /dev/zero or /dev/random (as well as the pseudo TTY subsystem) to it, but no physical devices such as /dev/sda, system memory /dev/mem, system ports /dev/port and others

sets up a new file system namespace for the executed processes and mounts private /tmp and /var/tmp directories inside it that is not shared by processes outside of the namespace

mounts the /usr and /boot directories read-only for processes invoked by this unit. If set to "full", the /etc directory is mounted read-only, too

I believe that these configs will harden nginx.service, thus protect OS from security bugs in nginx.


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