nginx-quic, php able to access last set cookie only

Kareti Ramakrishna MBA karetirk at
Sun Dec 19 18:24:38 UTC 2021

I implemented nginx-quic using the steps at

The page is validating http3 quic at and

The page elements show h3 protocol in developer tools network tab.

in a test.php page, I have set 3 php cookies like this:

<?php$q=setcookie('test1', 'content1', time()+315360000, '/', '',
true, true);$q=setcookie('test2', 'content2', time()+315360000, '/',
'', true, true);$q=setcookie('test3', 'content3', time()+315360000,
'/', '', true, true);?>

In test2.php in the same domain and same directory, I tried to access the
cookies :


It is showing only the last set cookie.

 array(1) { ["test3"]=> string(8) "content3" }

all the three cookies are showing in developer tools.

Javascript is able to read all the three cookies :

<script>var decodedCookie = decodeURIComponent(document.cookie);

If I use nginx http2, php is able to access all the three cookies.

But, If I use nginx http3, php is able to access only the last cookie.

Please help
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