nginx 1.21.5 + PCRE2 build fail @ naxsi

PGNet Dev at
Tue Dec 28 17:45:19 UTC 2021

with pcre2 enabled for new-version build, builds with naxsi now fail

i'd reported @ naxsi upstream issue,

comment there suggests,

"Possibly connected commits:

     nginx/nginx at 931acbf
     nginx/nginx at d5f1f16 (mentions NAXSI)
     nginx/nginx at c6fec0b

2nd issue,

specifically mentions NAXSI, suggesting it was tested/working before commit to release 1.21.5

unclear if i've missed something required, or still an issue :-/

has anyone here yet been successful witjh v1.21.5 + PCRE2 + naxsi ?

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