[PATCH] Define phony make targets as such.

Thibault Nélis thib at stammed.net
Thu Feb 4 23:48:50 UTC 2021


I just spent more time than I care to admit troubleshooting a make
issue after naively using `./configure --builddir=build` (make target
inadvertently matches this directory name).

Not sure if taking a dep on POSIX sed in the build system is kosher or
not, but if it is I figure this patch could save the next one some time

Quickly tested on top of default tip as of this writing

Best regards,

--- a/auto/init
+++ b/auto/init
@@ -44,6 +44,8 @@ fi
 cat << END > Makefile
+.PHONY: default clean
 default:       build
--- a/auto/install
+++ b/auto/install
@@ -196,6 +196,8 @@ done
 # create Makefile
+sed -i "/^\.PHONY/s/$/ build install modules upgrade/" Makefile
 cat << END >> Makefile

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