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> > First of all, you may want to take a look at this warning in the development guide:
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> > Quoting it here:
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> > It is recommended to avoid using threads in nginx because it will definitely break things: most nginx functions are not thread-safe. It is expected that a thread will be executing only system calls and thread-safe library functions.
> > If you need to run some code that is not related to client request processing, the proper way is to schedule a timer in the init_process module handler and perform required actions in timer handler. Internally nginx makes use of threads to boost IO-related operations, but this is a special case with a lot of limitations.
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> Thanks Maxim, I completely get that, that is the reason I was looking for way to send a notification to the main thread, and didn't just try to call nginx functions from some other thread.
> In my case, I need to integrate with some 3rd party library that has its own event loop, it would require significant changes to the library to make it run inside nginx's event loop...
> So, my plan is to run it on a side thread, and send notifications between the threads, which would trigger some handler on the main thread whenever new data arrives.
> I can use ngx_notify for this, but if someone will use the module and also nginx's thread pool or some 3rd party module that uses ngx_notify, it will break.
> I think I can live with that, but would be nice to have a solution that is complete.

To re-iterate: inside a "side thread" you are not allowed to call 
any non-thread-safe libc functions.  It is reasonable to assume 
this excludes all 3rd party libraries with their own even loops.

Maxim Dounin

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