[PATCH] Add markdown to mime.types

Abe Massry a at abemassry.com
Fri Sep 10 02:35:32 UTC 2021

# HG changeset patch
# User Abe Massry <a at abemassry.com>
# Date 1631238770 14400
#      Thu Sep 09 21:52:50 2021 -0400
# Branch update-mime-types
# Node ID 95a61e228bc19f6b9917671dfd2e6ff52e3e0294
# Parent  a525013b82967148e6e4b7e0eadd23e288001816
Add markdown to mime.types

In the chromimum browser a warning is displayed if a markdown
mime type does not appear in the list of mime types on the server.
The browser attempts to download the file but gives a warning
saying that this type of file is usually displayed in the

Files with a mime type of markdown and a file extension of `.md`
should be displayed as plain text in the browser and this
change adds that to the default mime types that will ship with

diff -r a525013b8296 -r 95a61e228bc1 conf/mime.types
--- a/conf/mime.types	Tue Sep 07 18:21:03 2021 +0300
+++ b/conf/mime.types	Thu Sep 09 21:52:50 2021 -0400
@@ -9,6 +9,7 @@
     application/atom+xml                             atom;
     application/rss+xml                              rss;
+    text/markdown                                    md;
     text/mathml                                      mml;
     text/plain                                       txt;
     text/vnd.sun.j2me.app-descriptor                 jad;

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