Special character # in url

Sergey Brester serg.brester at sebres.de
Mon Dec 12 10:57:17 UTC 2022



firstly please don't use nginx-devel for such questions, this is a
developer mailing list and reserved for developers only purposes. 

Furthermore it is not nginx related question at all. The browsers handle
#-chars as an internal jump to the anchor by ID of element on page, so
nginx (or whatever web-server) can not and will not receive the part of
URI after #-char from your agent. If you need such character in URI, you
have to URL-encode it (# ==> %23). 


12.12.2022 11:43, Solanellas Llobet, Xavier wrote: 

> Hi everybody, 
> I'm trying to redirect an url like /text1/text2#/text3 to url /text1/text2/text3 
> The problem seems that # character cut url in navigator, and nginx receives /text1/text2 
> Anybody have an workarround from nginx? 
> The solution seems use javascript but how can implement it? 
> Thanks!!!!! 
> Xavier 
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