[quic] ngx_quic_input_handler Segmentation fault because c->udp->dgram is null

Gao,Yan(媒体云) gaoyan09 at baidu.com
Fri Jan 28 14:09:31 UTC 2022

> c->quic is never set on main connection (it is not really needed there).
> ngx_http_v3_init() is first called with main connection, and later it is
> called with _another_ connection that is a stream, and it has c->quic set.

> ngx_ssl_shutdown() is not supposed to do something on stream
> connections, ssl object is shared with main connection. all necessary
> cleanup will be done by main connection handlers.

ngx_http_v3_init() is only called in ngx_http_init_connection, as ls->handler. And then ngx_quic_listen add the main quic connection to udp rbtree.
It call main quic connection read->handler If find connection in ngx_lookup_udp_connection, else call ls->handler.
But when ngx_http_v3_init() is called by _another_ connection that is a stream?

Gao,Yan(ACG VCP)
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