SSL contexts reuse across locations

Pavel Pautov P.Pautov at
Thu Jun 16 08:26:48 UTC 2022

Looks like, we've made a full circle then... I've replied to that suggestion already and in last e-mail (with patch) I note that moving additional logic into the ngx_http_proxy_set_ssl() has its own drawbacks, but I can certainly move more stuff into it.

So do you envision something like "ngx_http_proxy_set_ssl(cf, conf, prev, reuse_ssl)"? As previously we've established that directives merging stays out of ngx_http_proxy_set_ssl (and reuse_ssl calculation has to happen before it).

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> Hello!
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> > Any comments?
> As already suggested in the very first review:
> : You may want to focus on actually making the code more readable
> : and abstracting it into ngx_http_proxy_set_ssl() instead.
> : Something like ngx_http_upstream_hide_headers_hash() might be a
> : good example on how to do it properly.
> Hope this helps.
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