[PATCH 1 of 3] CSS as file.

Liam Crilly l.crilly at f5.com
Fri Aug 4 15:48:13 UTC 2023

Hi Maxim,

Thanks for your response (to all three changesets). I will follow up on this after the summer vacation season.


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On Mon, Jul 24, 2023 at 02:23:12PM +0000, Liam Crilly via nginx-devel wrote:

> # HG changeset patch
> # User Liam Crilly <liam.crilly at nginx.com>
> # Date 1690207197 -3600
> #      Mon Jul 24 14:59:57 2023 +0100
> # Node ID df1cf98cf8f50eb1770d966aed583d21e481558b
> # Parent  1f672755959a64aec3f0aeceab1dbdc13cb36414
> CSS as file.
> Extracts the inline styles from style.xsls into separate files for
> ease of style-development and to take advantage of browser caching.
> Hebrew and Chinese variants are preserved.
> Stylesheets are located in a new top-level directory (/css) and are
> compressed during the gzip process.

Thanks, but no.

This change results in 4 distinct static language-specific CSS
files, with no obvious way to keep them in sync.  At the same
time, claimed benefits does not seem to be noticeable, in

- Surely styles can be developed in any convenient way, and
  results merged into xsls/style.xsls;

- Styles now are about 800 bytes gzipped, and this is hardly
  noticeable neither for small pages like index.html (2.7k gzipped
  original, 1.9k gzipped with patch), nor large pages like
  ngx_http_core_module.html (24k gzipped), and hardly justifies a
  separate request.

Overall, I think that this change will result in more complex
support and the same or worse site performance, and therefore
I'm against this change.


Maxim Dounin
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