Question about QUIC and Reload

Marcus Lima marcus.lima at
Mon Jul 24 19:03:33 UTC 2023

Hi everyone!

  I have had behaviour where workers while reloading, continue to receive
connection attempts, which is noticeable by the logs indicating that QUIC
Initial (ClientHello) packets have been submitted. When this occurs, the
connection client does not receive any responses until the timeout occurs.

  I expected that when the worker entered the "retire" state, it would not
receive the ClientHello. Would this behaviour be expected?
2023/07/20 14:43:00 [notice] 7954#0: gracefully shutting down
2023/07/20 14:43:00 [debug] 7954#0: setproctitle: "nginx: worker process is
shutting down"

2023/07/20 14:43:20 [debug] 7954#0: *70058 quic recvmsg: *omitted* fd:28
2023/07/20 14:43:20 [debug] 7954#0: *70058 quic packet done rc:-1
level:init decr:0 pn:0 perr:0
2023/07/20 14:43:20 [debug] 7954#0: *70058 quic packet rejected rc:-1,
cleanup connection

2023/07/20 14:43:33 [notice] 302#0: signal 17 (SIGCHLD) received from 7954


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