QUIC docs with php-fpm & ssl cache

PGNet Dev pgnet.dev at gmail.com
Fri May 26 16:19:20 UTC 2023

I've installed v1.25

	nginx -V
		nginx version: nginx/1.25.0 (Local Build)
			built with OpenSSL 3.0.8 7 Feb 2023
			TLS SNI support enabled
			configure arguments: --with-debug ... --with-http_v2_module --with-http_v3_module ...

First tries on my existing site that frontends php-fpm, uses ssl cache, etc config-checks with NO errors, and execs with NO errors.

But, I see no http3 protocol responses -- everything's still http2.

Testing with Firefox at cloudflare, client-side QUIC support is fine.
So I'm fairly certain it's my config.

I'll reduce to simplest config, and track down what the issue is.

Are there (yet) any documented examples for release nginx + QUIC in a php-fpm/fastcgi setup?

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