Modifying or adding cookies via nginx.conf

Dmitry Titov dimit at
Tue Mar 4 20:04:12 MSK 2008

Hello, Laurent.

Try to use "add_header name value":
  add_header Set-Cookie Common_Cookie_Defenition_Here

LT> Hi,

LT> I'm dealing with the issue of modifying or adding a cookie on the fly
LT> via nginx.conf

LT> I look through all the doc and did not find anything except about
LT> identification ( and
LT> from an external module i forgot about the name (allowing to access
LT> cookies individually but not to set them for the moment).

LT> So, as i want a cookie value to depend on the URL, i'm looking at all
LT> the options and i just want to know if it's possible and where to look
LT> for in that case.

LT> Thx guys.

LT> NB: i'm sorry not to speak in russian but i'm quite desperate to get
LT> this information.

Dmitry Titov, dimit at

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