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Fri Oct 31 18:16:08 MSK 2008

2008/10/31 Андрей Погорельцев <rentgenx at>

> 1. В HTTP/1.0 можно использовать заголовок Host: Нету его в HTTP/0.9
> Да ну? Учим матчасть:
> Не видел, чтобы RFC обновили!

Учим английский :).

В rfc ничего не сказано про Host:


* They will not work with browsers that do not send the hostname as part of
requests. This is true for older HTTP/1.0 browsers that have not
retrofitted<>the host field
feature from the HTTP/1.1 protocol. (The "Host" header that
distinguishes between various
DNS<>names sharing a
single IP
address <> *was optional in HTTP/1.0*;
it is mandatory in HTTP/1.1, issued in 1999 as RFC
Since nearly every webbrowser that is currently used supports the HTTP/1.1
protocol and thus also virtual hosting, this is not a real issue.

Vladimir Rusinov
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