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http://localhost:888/index.html (


var cur_controller = 0;
var cur_unit = -2;
var lastmessage = ""
var who = 1;
var lang = 0;
function init()

3ware 3DM2 - superserver - Summary

(0x0C:0x0013): You must enable Javascript on your browser for 3DM 2 to
run properly


      (0x0C:0x0014): 3DM2 uses frames but your browser doesn't support


П.С. фреймы, кстати, тоже открываются, но
картинки на них - нет, т.е. только первый
запрос открывается корректно. 

Вот здесь читал про апач
там похожие настройки

ProxyPass       /app1/
ProxyPassReverse /app1/
но рекомендуют
However, there is a slightly more complex alternative form that I
recommend as more robust:

        ProxyPassReverse /

 The reason for recommending this is that a problem arises with some
application servers. Suppose for example we have a redirect:

        HTTP/1.1 302 Found
        Location: /some/path/to/file.html

This is a violation of the HTTP protocol and so should never happen:
HTTP only permits full URLs in Location headers. However, it is also a
source of much confusion, not least because the CGI spec has a similar
Location header with different semantics where relative paths are
allowed. There are a lot of broken servers out there! In this instance,
the first form of ProxyPassReverse will return the incorrect response

        HTTP/1.1 302 Found
        Location: /some/path/to/file.html

which, even allowing for error-correcting browsers, is outside the
Proxy's address space and won't work. The second form fixes this to

        HTTP/1.1 302 Found
        Location: /app1/some/path/to/file.html

which is still broken, but will at least work in error-correcting
browsers. Most browsers will deal with this.

 может что-то такое нужно?

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