Re: Оптимизация работы nginx.Проблема с новыми соединениями

unclead nginx-forum на
Ср Окт 20 09:14:09 MSD 2010

Возможно я не так выразился.

Отдача аудио и видео происходит не с
самого сервера.
Начали проксировать аудио и видео.

Вот вроде по мск совсем еще утро, а
проблема уже имеет место.
Вотчто показывает stat nginx

Active connections: 1629 
server accepts handled requests
 24689 24689 99412 
Reading: 263 Writing: 515 Waiting: 851 

sockets: used 2486
TCP: inuse 6022 orphan 3679 tw 1368 alloc 6023 mem 67236

Памяти еще куча
             total       used       free     shared    buffers    
Mem:       4029148     794308    3234840          0      19068     
-/+ buffers/cache:     682744    3346404
Swap:            0          0          0

netstat -an | grep -c .

obelisk2 vhosts.d # netstat -s
    692793382 total packets received
    3180 with invalid addresses
    0 forwarded
    0 incoming packets discarded
    692790202 incoming packets delivered
    428342555 requests sent out
    753 dropped because of missing route
    2681 ICMP messages received
    29 input ICMP message failed.
    ICMP input histogram:
        destination unreachable: 308
        timeout in transit: 26
        echo requests: 2347
    2707 ICMP messages sent
    0 ICMP messages failed
    ICMP output histogram:
        destination unreachable: 360
        echo replies: 2347
        InType3: 308
        InType8: 2347
        InType11: 26
        OutType0: 2347
        OutType3: 360
    12453168 active connections openings
    6177202 passive connection openings
    138019 failed connection attempts
    1784339 connection resets received
    2272 connections established
    681156423 segments received
    396080190 segments send out
    20639670 segments retransmited
    0 bad segments received.
    2709964 resets sent
    11619354 packets received
    510 packets to unknown port received.
    0 packet receive errors
    11619993 packets sent
    136335 resets received for embryonic SYN_RECV sockets
    2076666 packets pruned from receive queue because of socket buffer
    32299 packets pruned from receive queue
    19 packets dropped from out-of-order queue because of socket buffer
    1 ICMP packets dropped because they were out-of-window
    1752790 TCP sockets finished time wait in fast timer
    71576 time wait sockets recycled by time stamp
    322320 TCP sockets finished time wait in slow timer
    1066405 passive connections rejected because of time stamp
    46489 packets rejects in established connections because of
    27138320 delayed acks sent
    2079 delayed acks further delayed because of locked socket
    Quick ack mode was activated 2503648 times
    65040 packets directly queued to recvmsg prequeue.
    113098 bytes directly in process context from backlog
    32161371 bytes directly received in process context from prequeue
    256602048 packet headers predicted
    21200 packets header predicted and directly queued to user
    137527568 acknowledgments not containing data payload received
    93706988 predicted acknowledgments
    36793 times recovered from packet loss due to fast retransmit
    2462365 times recovered from packet loss by selective
    567 bad SACK blocks received
    Detected reordering 54490 times using FACK
    Detected reordering 99289 times using SACK
    Detected reordering 2241 times using reno fast retransmit
    Detected reordering 55089 times using time stamp
    78370 congestion windows fully recovered without slow start
    451531 congestion windows partially recovered using Hoe heuristic
    73371 congestion windows recovered without slow start by DSACK
    300609 congestion windows recovered without slow start after partial
    3682594 TCP data loss events
    TCPLostRetransmit: 121701
    18622 timeouts after reno fast retransmit
    1008097 timeouts after SACK recovery
    1021548 timeouts in loss state
    6001401 fast retransmits
    490766 forward retransmits
    5956755 retransmits in slow start
    2468003 other TCP timeouts
    5637 classic Reno fast retransmits failed
    414719 SACK retransmits failed
    217752311 packets collapsed in receive queue due to low socket
    2408550 DSACKs sent for old packets
    13729 DSACKs sent for out of order packets
    791186 DSACKs received
    8870 DSACKs for out of order packets received
    984174 connections reset due to unexpected data
    890723 connections reset due to early user close
    552172 connections aborted due to timeout
    TCPSACKDiscard: 33748
    TCPDSACKIgnoredOld: 302716
    TCPDSACKIgnoredNoUndo: 373425
    TCPSpuriousRTOs: 66765
    InBcastPkts: 11201

Не понятно чего именно не хватает
сервису. Какого ресурса.
Сокетов используется мало.

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