Re: интерпретация переменных внутри PHP VALUE и PHP ADMIN VALUE для PHP-FPM

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Ср Июл 13 04:14:38 UTC 2011

On 13 Jul 2011 02h12 WEST, nginx-forum at wrote:

> Tried it and it DOES work with php-fpm.  The phpinfo() call proves
> the parent include_path is inherited from php.ini and then
> concatenated with "/my/other/include/path"!

I'm unable to reproduce that. The $ gets escaped, yes it's true but
php-fpm bombs out with:

WARNING: [pool www] child 8925 said into stderr: "PHP:  syntax error, unexpected '$' in Unknown on line 1"

This is what appears in the error log using the debug level.

[debug] 26550#0: *2708 http geo started: ::ffff:
[debug] 26550#0: *2708 http geo: ${include_path}:/my/other/include/path
[debug] 26550#0: *2708 http script copy: "PHP_VALUE"
[debug] 26550#0: *2708 http script var:"${include_path}:/my/other/include/path" 
[debug] 26550#0: *2708 fastcgi param: "PHP_VALUE: ${include_path}:/my/other/include/path"

> However, this hack is too dirty to use in the production
> environment!  Anxiously waiting for the version update so we could
> use \${var_name} or something directly within fastcgi_param
> arguments!

Can you please elaborate on how you get the $include_path "variable"

--- appa

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