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Wed Feb 9 17:30:42 MSK 2005

Changes with nginx 0.1.18                                        09 Feb 2005

     *) Workaround: the default values of the devpoll_events and the
        devpoll_changes directives changed from 512 to 32 to be compatible
        with Solaris 10.

     *) Bugfix: the proxy_set_x_var and fastcgi_set_var directives were not

     *) Bugfix: in the redirect rewrite directive the arguments were
        concatenated with URI by the "&" rather than the "?".

     *) Bugfix: the lines without trailing ";" in the file being included by
        the ngx_http_geo_module were silently ignored.

     *) Feature: the ngx_http_stub_status_module.

     *) Bugfix: the unknown log format in the access_log directive caused
        the segmentation fault.

     *) Feature: the new "document_root" parameter of the fastcgi_params

     *) Feature: the fastcgi_redirect_errors directive.

     *) Feature: the new "break" modifier of the "rewrite" directive allows
        to stop the rewrite/location cycle and sets the current
        configuration to the request.

Igor Sysoev

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