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Mon Apr 17 23:49:21 MSD 2006

Changes with nginx 0.3.39                                        17 Apr 2006

     *) Feature: the "uninitialized_variable_warn" directive; the logging
        level of the "uninitialized variable" message was lowered from
        "alert" to "warn".

     *) Feature: the "override_charset" directive.

     *) Change: now if the unknown variable is used in the "echo" and "if
        expr='$name'" SSI-commands, then the "unknown variable" message is
        not logged.

     *) Bugfix: the active connection counter increased on the exceeding of
        the connection limit specified by the "worker_connections"
        directive; bug appeared in 0.2.0.

     *) Bugfix: the limit rate might not work on some condition; bug
        appeared in 0.3.38.

Igor Sysoev

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