first attempt for docs in english ;-)

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Fri Apr 28 09:45:31 MSD 2006


attached my first attempt for a english doc.
I have extract this information from my first look into the code,
therefore i think it's not all 100% correct ;-)


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--- src/core/nginx.c
daemon ??

With this option it is possible to force the daemon mode

master_process ??

timer_resolution ??


In this file write down nginx his pid. You can use it for some command such as HUP|QUIT|whatever.
See for the meaning of the different signals.

lock_file ??

worker_processes NUM;

nginx start NUM processes.

worker_processes are used for
1) SMP,
2) to decrease latency when workers blockend on disk I/O,
3) to limit number of connections per process when select()/poll() is used.

max_clients = worker_processes * worker_connections

debug_points ??

user $USER $GROUP;

nginx will run as this user. This option is only useable if you start nginx as root.

worker_priority ??;

worker_cpu_affinity ??

worker_rlimit_nofile FD_LIMIT;

This option sets the limits of the filedescriptors.

worker_rlimit_core ??;

This option sets the limits of the coredump file.

worker_rlimit_sigpending ??;

working_directory $DIR;

nginx make a chdir() to this directory.

worker_threads ??;

If nginx have thread-support i think you can say how many thread should be started similar to worker_processes.

thread_stack_size ??;

--- ngx_conf_file.c
include $DIR;

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This block handle the options for the event-handler.

events {

  worker_connections NUM;
  How many tcp connections are simultaneously allowed.
  max_clients = worker_processes * worker_connections

  connections NUM;
  Depricated please use worker_connections

  use [ kqueue | rtsig | epoll | /dev/poll | select | poll ];
  If you have more the one event-model compiled in you can select with this command which one should nginx use.

multi_accept ??;

accept_mutex ??;

accept_mutex_delay ??;

debug_connection ??;

  ssl_engine on;
  This activate the OPENSSL-Engine, if it available.
  You can see it with openssl engine -t -v

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