php and alias

Jonathan Vanasco nginx at
Sat Dec 9 02:19:20 MSK 2006

i'm trying to figure out how to use php within an location that has  

                 location /alias {
                         alias /path/to/aliased;
                         access_log   off;
                         access_log  /var/log/nginx/ 
testing_access.log  main;
                         error_log       /var/log/nginx/ 
testing_error.log debug;
                         index  index.php;
                         include /usr/local/etc/nginx/_macros/php.conf;

i can use php fine in 'root' locations.  i'm having troubles mapping  
php to an alias location though ( /usr/local/etc/nginx/_macros/ 
php.conf is the php config macro i wrote )

i keep seeing this:
	2006/12/08 18:12:18 [debug] 7922#0: *65 http upstream check client,  
write event:1, "/alias/index.php"

anyone have a suggestion?

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