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Wed Nov 15 23:05:22 MSK 2006

Changes with nginx 0.4.13                                        15 Nov 2006

     *) Feature: the "proxy_pass" directive may be used inside the
        "limit_expect" block.

     *) Feature: the "limit_expect" directive supports all WebDAV methods.

     *) Bugfix: if the "add_before_body" directive was used without the
        "add_after_body" directive, then an response did not transferred

     *) Bugfix: a large request body did not receive if the epoll method and
        the deferred accept() were used.

     *) Bugfix: a charset could not be set for ngx_http_autoindex_module
        responses; bug appeared in 0.3.50.

     *) Bugfix: the "[alert] zero size buf" error when FastCGI server was

     *) Bugfix: the --group= configuration parameter was ignored.
        Thanks to Thomas Moschny.

     *) Bugfix: the 50th subrequest in SSI response did not work; bug
        appeared in 0.3.50.

Igor Sysoev

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