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Thu Nov 30 00:00:53 MSK 2006

On Wed, 29 Nov 2006, Jonathan Vanasco wrote:

>> Is there something in the errror_log ?
> 	yes,
> 		2006/11/29 15:42:22 [crit] 700#0: *4553 mkdir() 
> "/var/tmp/nginx/proxy_temp/2" failed (13: Permission denied) while reading 
> upstream, client:
> 	fixed with:
> 		sudo mkdir /var/tmp/nginx/proxy_temp
> 		sudo chmod -R www /var/tmp/nginx/proxy_temp
> 	i guess something on one of the upgrades lowered the threshold needed 
> for caching to file ?
> 	none of the proxied content changed.  just the nginx server.

No, there was no changes in these area.
Have you changed configuration files after upgrade ?

The master process creates the directories for temporary files
and does chown() and chmod() to allow unpriviliged workers to create files.

Igor Sysoev

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