AIO support on Linux

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Thu Oct 19 15:42:49 MSD 2006

On Thu, 19 Oct 2006, Gentoo wrote:

> I read this blog
> now all web servers are lack of these features
>  - Persistent connections to FastCGI servers
>  - Keep alive from Reverse proxy to web server
>  - Async IO for serving large large files
> so I guess if nginx can support those features, it will be cool

I have plan to support persistent connection to proxied and FastCGI servers.

Sorry, it's difficult to me to write in English, so I will be short:
I do not think that AIO support in nginx will add huge perfomance boost

1) You can run 100 worker processes to issue 100 simultaneous disk
    IO operations. You can not do it with lighttpd and other single process
2) There is no AIO sendfile.

Igor Sysoev

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