feature request- command line define flags ( like apache -D )

Jonathan Vanasco nginx at 2xlp.com
Wed Oct 25 20:39:37 MSD 2006

Apache lets one do this:

	apachectl start -D VariableName

and in the config

	<ifDefine VariableName>
		Do Stuff if we specified the variable
	<ifDefine !VariableName>
		or Don't Do Stuff if we didn't specify it

nginx doesn't seem to have that facility (at least in the docs it  
doesnt).  I was hoping it could be added if its not in there already

why is it useful?
	i use it on apache to switch from uptime -> downtime when there's  
only 1-2 lines different in the config files.  big timesaver.
	also, when you're hosting mutiple sites,  you might want to include  
a different file depending on a flag being set or not

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