proxy_pass_request_headers <=> proxy_pass_header

Igor Sysoev is at
Thu Sep 14 12:37:21 MSD 2006

On Thu, 14 Sep 2006, Aleksandar Lazic wrote:

> today i have seen the directive 'proxy_pass_request_headers' and have
> thought that is the possibility to send *all* request-headers to the
> backend-proxy and with proxy_pass_header only the specified one.
> Have i understand the difference between this both directives right?!

"proxy_set_header Header Value" and "proxy_set_header Header ''"
allow to set, override, or unset a client header line passed from nginx
to backend.

"proxy_hide_header Header" hides some backend headers in addition to
the hided by default "Date", "Server", "X-Pad", and "X-Accel-..." headers.

"proxy_pass_header  Header" allows to override the previous hiding.

"proxy_pass_request_headers on|off" allows to pass a client request
headers line to a backend. If proxy_pass_request_headers is off,
then only header line set by proxy_set_header would be passed to backend.

"proxy_pass_request_body on|off" allows to pass a client request body
to a backend.

Igor Sysoev

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