Francois Simond curio at
Thu Sep 14 18:27:01 MSD 2006

Igor Sysoev a écrit :
> Changes with nginx 0.4.1                                         14 
> Sep 2006
Hello to the list, this is my first post here !

I have a problem with files not owned by the running nginx process uid :

With the default setup that comes with make install :

http://localhost/ gives a 500 error:
in the log file:

2006/09/14 16:18:11 [crit] 8958#0: *4 open() 
"/usr/local/nginx/html/50x.html" failed (1: Operation not permitted), 
client:, server: localhost,
 URL: "/index.html", host: "localhost"

If i chown nobody: -R html/ , 200 OK it works.

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