X-Sendfile <=> X-Accel-Redirect header

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Mon Sep 18 13:07:03 MSD 2006

On Sun, 17 Sep 2006, Aleksandar Lazic wrote:

> On Sam 02.09.2006 19:35, Igor Sysoev wrote:
>> The "X-Accel-Redirect" header line is similar to the "X-Sendfile", but
>> has two differences:
> http://wiki.codemongers.com/NginxXSendfile
> Please can you overlook to the page so that i have right understand your
> description ;-)
> I have shameless use your example for that I hope it's ok ;-)

For the "X-Accel-Redirect: /protected/iso.img" header line and
such configuration

location /protected/ {
     root   /some/path;

nginx will send /some/path/protected/iso.img

If you need to send /some/path/iso.img to should set

location /protected/ {
     alias   /some/path/;

By the way, how can I edit this wiki ?

Igor Sysoev

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