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Aleksandar Lazic al-nginx at
Mon Sep 25 11:36:49 MSD 2006


On Son 24.09.2006 17:38, Jonathan Vanasco wrote:
>after battling with nginx all night, i finally migrated my 30+ domain
>lighttpd setup to nginx

Wow that must have been hard, *respect* to your work ;-))

Just for my curiosity, why do *you* have switch to nginx and where are
your heard from this great webserver ;-)

>i tossed a dumbed down version of my setup into my svn server here

Thanks to share your config with us ;-)

>i'm just posting this for the archives, as it could help the next
>person (like me) who has problems and needs an example to learn from
>that the wiki/docs examples didn't explain enough to them.

As Cliff said it would be nice to drop some lines to wiki with your
experience/pitfalls ;-)

If you don't want to writ to wiki you can send me your text and I add it
to the wiki.



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