Customizing 'upstream response is buffered'?

Marcin Kasperski Marcin.Kasperski at
Tue Dec 4 17:49:19 MSK 2007

In my logs there are plenty of messages like:

  2007/12/02 13:54:48 [warn] 14318#0: *66896 an upstream response is
  buffered to a temporary file /var/cache/nginx/proxy/2/03/0000000032
  while reading upstream, client: (...)

Considering I use nginx on the limited memory VPS and some of the
HTML/JS files I serve are large, disk caching may be a good thing. So
I am not particularly concerned about this (am I right?)

Is it possible to disable this message somehow? I would *not* like
to disable all warnings (there may happen important warnings, and 
I would *not* like to increase proxy buffers (as I said, lowmem VPS)

I use stable nginx (0.5.32)

PS The ideal solution would be if nginx emitted such message only once
per served URL, without repeats, but this is probably to

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