[dev] extending the make install rules

Manlio Perillo manlio_perillo at libero.it
Fri Dec 7 23:19:53 MSK 2007


In mod_wsgi I need to install the file wsgi_params in NGX_CONF_PATH and 
ngx_wsgi.py[1] in NGX_SBIN_PATH.

Unfortunately it seems that the installation phase is not configurable 
via the addons config file.

Igor, do you plan to improve support for addons, or should I write a 
custom setup file?

Thanks   Manlio Perillo

[1] ngx_wsgi.py is a wrapper for executing nginx using command line
     options, instead of the configuration file.
     As an example:

     ngx_wsgi.py -main.worker_processes 2 \
                 -server.listen 8080 -server.server_name localhost \
                 -wsgi_pass '/usr/local/nginx/nginx.py main'


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